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Electronic Ground Search and Rescue Administrative Database System

E-GADS! is an open source web-based database system that enables ground search and rescue teams to track membership, certifications, search reports, events and training records. It supports configurable locales (Canadian English/French is standard) and has map display support using MapServer (Canadian geographic data presently available). It is expected that the software will be adapted for other areas in the future.

In the spirit of volunteerism that characterizes ground SAR in many jurisdictions, this software is being released under the GNU General Public License. The software is freely distributable and may be modified under the terms of the license.

The software is currently in use in the province of New Brunswick, Canada, by the New Brunswick Ground Search and Rescue Association as well as police and government. This implementation (SAR Team Online) contains data on the province's approximately 500 volunteer searchers and more than 100 searches within the past three years.

E-GADS! will run on any system that supports the PHP 4 scripting language and the MySQL 3 database server.


E-GADS! 2.2.6 was released on September 4th, 2006. The software is considered stable and suitable for production use.

E-GADS! patch 2.2.7 was released on August 18th, 2007 and addresses a published security vulnerability in environments where PHP is configured for register_globals=On. Note: E-GADS is designed to run with register_globals=Off for enhanced security.


An online demonstration is available. Navigate to SAR Team Online, demo version and you will be taken to the application. Use user ID "demo" with password "demo" to enter the site as an editor for the province of Ontario. Please feel free to edit the data as the database is reset every two hours.

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E-GADS! is available from SourceForge.


E-GADS! is dependent on the following components: For the optional map display feature the following additional components are required: Full details are included in the installation instructions.

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